Richardson's Story

It's not why.... but what....

Richardson was a multitalented young man with a passion for anything outdoors. He was a natural athlete that excelled in several sports.  His leisure time was most often accompanied by many of his friends. Golf, hunting, fishing and the simple pleasure of human interaction were a few of the activities he participated in. 

Family was a very influential component of Richardson’s life. He loved and was very devoted to his parents and sister, Anna, and enjoyed spending time with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

By his 20th year Richardson had developed a clear objective toward becoming an exceptional asset to his community. Volunteer firefighting was a perfect choice. In his brief tenure with Northwest Volunteer Fire Department he was a well prepared, admired, and much loved squad member.

Richardson’s untimely departure left me with an overwhelming desire to help redirect troubled individuals back to a more positive and productive life path.

So many families are faced with the presence of opioids. Sadly, Richardson left us from an overdose. To help educate families is very important to us.

At Richardson's service, Jeff Lethco, Pastor of Northside Baptist Church of Greenwood, SC shared a touching sermon, we should not focus on why.... but what.... 

What can we do to help others, this is our what. We have chosen two organizations that you will be able to specify where 30 percent of your purchase will be donated. 

With the help of my sister, an idea and a dream quickly became a symbol and a plan to accomplish our commitment.

“Richardson’s Angels”